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“Besides providing fast-paced action and a happy ending, this colorful novel captures the mood of the nation at the start of an exciting new era.”

Publishers Weekly

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“Harrar has done a good job of researching the history (an afterword fills in more background), but it’s the coming-of-age story that provides the drama here, particularly the fierce anger and love that are part of Jeremy’s war with his dad.”


The Trouble with Jeremy Chance

In a small New England town at the close of World War I, Jeremy “T. stands for Trouble” Chance is eagerly awaiting the return of his brother, Davey, from the war. He distracts himself by exploring the woods near his home and psyching himself up to leap from his second-story window into the huge snowdrift below–a rite of passage for boys his age. Jeremy lands in real trouble when he declares his father wrong in a less than neighborly dispute with Mr. Cutter, who owns the land next door. Jeremy’s father is furious, and the rift between them gives the impetuous Jeremy all the incentive he needs to run away to Boston, in hopes of meeting his brother’s ship.

He catches a freight train at the edge of town and hooks up with a “traveling man” named The Professor, who gives him some tips on the hobo lifestyle. In Boston, Jeremy is wowed by the crowds, the tall buildings, and the El. He enjoys his first restaurant meal and is tempted by rum balls at a market stall. Suddenly, a big explosion rocks Boston, and Jeremy’s quick-witted resourcefulness becomes crucial to saving a firefighter’s life.

Set in one of the most storied eras of our history, this tale of a simple disagreement that escalates into an all-out battle between father and son highlights the courage it takes to question a parent and the strength that is necessary to know when to forgive.

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